One Minute Golden Golf Miracles - Ritson Herrera Golf

One Minute Golden Golf Miracles - Ritson Herrera Golf

  • Simple education of the golf swing
  • Colour Coded System teaches the correct sequence of motion
  • An unrivalled explanation from set-up to release
  • An understanding of the role of each part of the body
  • Swing drills to help ingrain the learnings

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This is a MUST HAVE for every golfer!

Enjoy 160 One-Minute Golden Golfing Miracles videos

Phil Ritson is recognised as one of the worlds top instructors with a career spanning 6 decades. Hes taught more touring Pros than any other teacher in the world.

He's Tour Winner, was National Coach of South Africa and honoured by Golf Magazine with Emiritus Status Top 100 Teacher for Life.

Eduardo Herrera is acknowledged as one of the best ball strikers in golf. Born in Colombia he won the World Amateur Championship in 1986 and has won 24 Pro Tournaments around the world. He was the first Colombia to break into the World Top 100 rankings and to play full time on the PGA Tour.

This illuminating and simple instructional DVD includes 160 (one hundred and sixty) One-Minute Golden Golf Miracles each guaranteed to give you a better, even superior, understanding of the golf swing.


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