Tony Westwood Writes:
"Having spent almost 30 years in golf coaching and playing I have constantly strived to find new ways and tools to help golfers to learn, play and understand their golf better. My work has led me into the fields of NLP, Hypnosis and Personal Development in a search to improve my ability to communicate with the golfer I am coaching.

In finding ways to communicate so that the golfer understands what it is they are being asked to do to transfer energy into the ball using a stick and their body, I have also needed to find ways for them to kinaesthetically or feel the movement they are being asked to make to allow their swing to become more efficient.

With PlaneSWING® the golfer really begins to get the picture and feel of what it is they are doing. Whether they are using it or I am demonstrating the movement they are making or need to make, the golfer gets a great visual/kinaesthetic link to help their brain learn their golf swing and the key here is their golf swing. PlaneSWING® allows them to move freely and easily and it also acts as a reference for me to look at what will be the next step in the process to refining the movement.

Golf is a multi-sensory game and should be treated as such by both the coach and the player, not only to get the maximum out of the learning, but also to get the most out of playing whether that is socially or competitively.

As an academy we use PlaneSWING® not to look for the perfect movement, but as a tool to make the movement more efficient for the individual based on what we observe from the flight of the ball.

As a coaching tool it fits in perfectly with our own “Golfing Success in 4 Steps” program which gives each and every golfer a clear learning model to help them progress and learn something from every shot they play time and time again."


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