The World's #1 Golf Training System Available 24 Hours A Day! That's what having a PlaneSWING at HOME means.

Work on all aspects of your swing and golfing fitness at a time to suit you. Following the instructional DVD you'll gain a quick understanding of how the golf swing works and how regular use of PlaneSWING can have a dramatic, positive and sustained impact on your golfing performance and your fitness level.


Because it folds and rolls away on wheel in under 6 seconds, storage and manoeuvrability is not an issue. Fits neatly alongside a wall and of course there's the option of a protective cover.

Regular Use:

We recommend using PlaneSWING at least 3 times a week for around 20 minutes, splitting that time between swinging the PowerSLIDER inside PlaneSWING and swinging a golf club outside of PlaneSWING. But there are plenty of drills to help you get the best very out of PlaneSWING.


With the PowerSLIDER you’ll stretch and train specifically your golfing muscles. Because the PowerSLIDER slides (it does NOT roll) it builds a mild resistance engaging the core and larger muscles helping you stay fitter for longer.

A Repeatable Swing:

PlaneSWING helps facilitate “motor-skill change” (often erroneously referred to as muscle memory). Regular use will build a powerful and repeatable motion on YOUR ideal SWING PLANE giving you greater confidence on the course!

Dynamic Motion with all-important LAG:

This is where the PowerSLIDER excels. The mild resistance ensures that the PowerSLIDER doesn’t get ahead of your hands and arms, unlike a roller. With the PowerSLIDER the transition from top of backswing to down swing becomes a far more dynamic motion as you drive the butt of the handle towards the ball.
This results in a powerful release to target through impact for a more penetrating flight, delivering extra distance and improved accuracy.
With a selection of PowerSLIDERs available for men, ladies and juniors, PlaneSWING is the No 1 Golf System for the entire family!



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