PlaneSWING® at Home

Use it at home, in the garden or the office!

"Regular use of a PlaneSWING® at Home, the office or in the garden is the quickest way to a powerful and repeatable swing."

We believe, and testimonials would seem to confirm, that PlaneSWING is the best golfing investment you'll ever make, not only in your swing improvement but also in your golfing fitness, allowing you to play better for longer!

PlaneSWING® Size & Specifications

  • Fully portable with wheels
  • Easily stored - folds right down
  • It fits - only required a width of 13ft, height of 7.5ft and 4.5ft depth meaning it will fit in your lounge, conservatory, garden or office!

Use PlaneSWING 3 to 4 times a week for 10 minutes each time and also before heading to the course and you'll witness a dramatic, positive and permanent change. You'll find extra power and distance and improved accuracy. Your confidence will soar.

If you're serious about your golfing fitness and your golfing life, then PlaneSWING is a MUST HAVE!


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