We are proud that PlaneSWING is used across the world by PGA Instructors coaching golfers of all levels from beginner to Tour player!



PlaneSWING not only aids communication between coach and student to facilitate rapid improvement, it also helps a golfer understand the biomechanics of the body in relation to the golf swing. No other golf training aid allows a golfer to "feel" the proper movement the way PlaneSWING does.


Repeatable Motion:

The unique weighted PowerSLIDER acts as a fitness tool, strengthening specifically the golfing muscles and engaging the core and bigger muscles . It also creates motor-skill change (often erroneously referred to as muscle memory) so that a golfer quickly develops a powerful and repeatable motion on THEIR IDEAL golf swing plane.



It's always been difficult for a coach to describe LAG, but with the PlaneSWING PowerSLIDER you FEEL it! Because the PowerSLIDER does NOT roll it builds a light resistance through the swing, gently and effectively working your muscles. In the transition on the downswing you'll feel and experience lag as you uncoil. This delivers the dynamic position at impact that golfers crave and allows for a powerful release ON PLANE and through to the target.


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