Paul Foston is an experienced professional golf coach based in Kent. He has a great reputation (see his profile below), and has recently invested in a PlaneSWING for the Paul Foston Golf Academy. Here is a message from Paul:

"Here’s a few snippets to whet your appetite to bring you into the Academy for some tuition and also to take advantage of a favourable offer from PlaneSWING®"

Tuition with PlaneSWING®

"I have now invested in the No 1 Kinaesthetic teaching aid – the PlaneSWING®. This is absolutely perfect for grooving the correct swing plane. If you have a problem setting the club on the back swing, staying on the correct plane in the downswing or achieving a correct forearm release in the follow through (chicken wing!), the power slider is the answer!"

So book a lesson with me to overcome these most common faults in the game to improve your technique and reduce your handicap.”

Enjoy the Ryder Cup!

Warm Regards

More About Paul

  • 30 Years as Head Professional
  • Coached 5 tour players to European victories
  • One of Golf Monthly's top 25 Coaches
  • Advanced Fellow of the PGA


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