Neutral Spine Position

by Dr Oliver Hobkirk-Smith

good posture is found in the neutral position not flattened spine

This is not a good posture for the spine

Reducing stresses on the spine is helped by the avoidance of various movements or postures where the spine's position is bent, buckled or twisted. It is safer and potentially less painful to keep a more 'Neutral Spine' during most day-to-day activites. Learning the neutral spine position is also essential for utilisation in the core strength and endurance exercises that will follow. To help identify when your spine is neutral you can use the following techniques.

an arched back indicates bad posture

An arched spine can be helped by this advice

Stand upright. Normally this will very slightly increase the forward are of the low back. Now create a very slight backwards tilt of the pelvis (as shown in the document). The low back should feel comfortable in this position. This is neutral. Now gently pull your shoulder blades back and downwards, so you're less round shouldered. Finally, pull your head back onto your shoulders (try and give yourself a double chin)...

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