PlaneSWING® for Pros and Coaches

The Teaching and Golf Fitness System for Professionals

"Adding PlaneSWING® to your golf facility is an investment in your business and your clients."

Using PlaneSWING®, the World's No.1 kinaesthetic teaching, training and golf fitness system as a part of your teaching program accelerates learning and is more fun for your students and more rewarding for you. Better and quicker results mean more clients!

PlaneSWING® is committed to investing in our network of teaching professionals through the provision of high quality products that deliver on their promise and a package of support designed to grow your teaching and retail business to the benefit of your clients.

What Others Pros Are Saying About PlaneSWING®

"We are using the PlaneSWING® every day. I think you have a great product and one that is durable and at the same time affordable. Thanks for providing a quality product. You deserve much success." Jay Perkins, PGA Pro, Bel Air Golf Center, Maryland, USA

"No matter how good a communicator a teacher is they can't recreate the feel of the golf swing. With PlaneSWING my students have instantly got feel. Whether a beginner or experienced player, the speed of understanding is significantly increased." Stuart Morrison, Head PGA Professional, Tain Golf Club.

"PlaneSWING® will positively impact your golfing life!" Kevin Craggs, PGA Professional, Scotland

"I invested in PlaneSWING® because I invest in my members. I believe it will add value to my students and give them an instant understanding of the actual plane that the club should follow. It's a great educational aid." Frank Bruno, Head PGA Professional at Oak Park Country Club, Illinois

PlaneSWING® is already making champions!

PlaneSWING® is improving golfers' swings so radically that golfers of all abilities who invest in their swing are now winning competitions. Imagine if your clients were seeing such rapid improvement in their swings and becoming champions under your coaching and teaching! CLICK HERE TO HEAR FROM OUR WINNERS.

How PlaneSWING® Will Benefit Your Business

  • Tell people that you have the #1 full swing training system.
  • Members will appreciate your investment.
  • Your students will experience rapid and dramatic improvement.
  • Improved swing means improved game. This means happy clients who keep coming back!
  • A golfer can't hide a good golf game. You'll gain more students.
  • As a PlaneSWING® Pro Centre golfers will find you.
  • Retail PlaneSWING's to your students. A PlaneSWING at Home means sustained long-term improvement.

There's plenty more great benefits when partnering with PlaneSWING®. Give us a call to find out more.