PlaneSWING® for Junior Development

Teaching Juniors the Skill of a World-Class Swing

"Could your child be the next Rory or the next Annika?"

Who knows! What we DO KNOW at PlaneSWING is that every child deserves the very best start in life. Whether it's inflatable water wings for swimming or training wheels for a bicycle, a guiding hand makes all the difference.

PlaneSWING is suitable for children from 4ft 9in/1.45m (approximate 11 years) and is guaranteed to help rapidly build a solid, repeatable and powerful swing. With our new lighter PowerSLIDER™ it's easy for boys and girls to quickly build a full swing inside PlaneSWING and ingrain the perfect swing plane for lifelong enjoyment of the World's greatest game.

PlaneSWING®: Our Investment in Your Child

When you invest in PlaneSWING for your child, we in turn will invest in them:

  • We'll provide coaching drills and keep you informed of programs that we believe will benefit your most prized possession.
  • We offer free professional analysis based on images and video of your child both in and out of PlaneSWING.
  • Golf is steeped in integrity and fair play. At PlaneSWING we believe that golf can shape a child's character and have multiple benefits in their business and social life and their physical well being.
  • Through regular communication we "partner" with parents in their child's golfing development.

Watch out for the PlaneSWING Kids Model (for those aged 5-10) which is being launched soon. Why not sign up for the PlaneSPEAKING Newsletter and be the first to know when the Kids Model is released?


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