How long does it take to assemble PlaneSWING®?

Assembly is a once-only job and will take approximately 45mins. Once assembled the PlaneSWING® folds in less than 30 seconds and rolls away for easy storage. Equally, when you next use PlaneSWING® it is unfolded and ready for use in just 30 seconds.

Is PlaneSWING® covered by a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a DOUBLE GUARANTEE. A 30 day no quibble money back guarantee of the purchase price, excluding delivery and return costs. Plus we guarantee PlaneSWING® against manufacturer's faults for 12 months from date of purchase and will replace any parts found to be defective.

Is PlaneSWING® weatherproof?

Of course it's unlikely that any one would use PlaneSWING® in the rain however PlaneSWING® is made of powder coated steel and is weather resistant. If wet we recommend that you wipe PlaneSWING® after use and store in a dry place.

Who can use PlaneSWING®?

PlaneSWING® is suitable for anyone from 4ft 10in (1.47m) to 6ft 8in (2.03m), both left and right-handed.

Is the PowerSLIDER™ heavy?

The PowerSLIDER™ is significantly heavier than a golf club in order that it stretches, conditions and trains the muscles into a powerful and repeatable motion but light enough for use by seniors and juniors too. By design it is noticeably lighter than other "heavy clubs or rollers" and for good reason. We will be adding PowerSLIDER™s of varying weights. See shop for details.

How much space do I need for the PlaneSWING®?

When used indoors you'll need a width clearance of 13ft (4m), depth of 5ft (1.5m) and a height clearance of almost 8ft (2.4m). Important: For health and safety reasons avoid erecting PlaneSWING® where a door is located at the side or behind PlaneSWING® as a person may be struck by the PowerSLIDER™.

Is PlaneSWING® easily folded and stored?

Yes. In less than 30 seconds you can fold and roll away (on wheels) the PlaneSWING® for storage. When folded it is only 6 inches (15cm) wide.

Does PlaneSWING® promote one swing method?

Absolutely not! We believe PlaneSWING® to be "teacher agnostic" and the most effective and versatile teaching, training and golf fitness system available. Whether you are an advocate of one plane, two-plane, Homer Kelly's "Golf Machine" or the "Stack and Tilt" method, PlaneSWING® can help ingrain the motion you as a coach or player is looking for. The adjustable age-old swing hoop concept has been used by many of the World's leading coaches including Butch Harmon, Dr.Jim Suttie, Martin Hall, Jim McLean, Craig Harmon and Brad Brewer and Europe's heralded coach to multiple European Ryder Cup players, Peter Cowen.

How do I set PlaneSWING® to MY IDEAL swing plane?

With PlaneSWING® you also receive a PlaneGUIDE™ (an elasticated bungee cord) which stretches across the PlaneSWING® from one side to the other. Assuming the correct grip and posture, when the hoop is adjusted to the correct angle, using the calibrated telescopic strut, the PlaneGUIDE™ should be slightly bowed across the sternum marginally below the midway point of the sternum. Start with the PlaneGUIDE™ at approx. 6in (15cm) above the halfway point of the hoop and slide up or down to find the correct setting. NOTE: With the longer PowerSLIDER™ (simulating a long club 5iron - driver) the PlaneSWING® will be set flatter. Conversely using a short PowerSLIDER™ will require the PlaneSWING® to be set at a more upright angle. Also, see "How to Use PlaneSWING®".

Can I hit balls in PlaneSWING®?

PlaneSWING® is effective specifically because you DO NOT HIT BALLS when in use. The effectiveness of PlaneSWING® is achieved by regular use of the PowerSLIDER™ which trains and conditions the golfing muscles. Using a golf club and hitting balls is not only dangerous and invalidates any warranty, it also defeats the object of PlaneSWING®, which is to ingrain a powerful and repeatable motion without the distraction of hitting balls. Once you step out of PlaneSWING® and hit balls, the results are dramatic and with regular use the positive change could become permanent.

What after sales support do you offer?

Our goal is your improvement. The qualified PlaneSWING® Team, which includes PGA Professionals from all over the world, is available to answer any question and to analyse video or images you wish to send to us. You can also book PlaneSWING® lessons directly with any of our Centres.


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