PlaneSWING® and Cliff Potts

PlaneSWING®, the World's #1 Kinaesthetic Teaching, Training & Golf Fitness System is now used at the Cliff Potts Golf Academy in Ascona, Switzerland.

We are delighted to have a PGA "Fellow" Golf Professional of Cliff Potts' standing as a PlaneSWING® Ambassador.

Increasingly PlaneSWING® is being added to the best Academies in the World and becoming an integral part of training and fitness programmes.

With the most glowing testimonials, PlaneSWING® is making a real difference to the speed with which golfers learn. Not only is PlaneSWING® benefiting novice golfers, it's also being used by elite amateurs and golf professionals to improve their own game.

Any person wishing to improve should visit a PlaneSWING® Pro Centre!

"I've added PlaneSWING® to the Cliff Potts Golf Academy here in Ascona, Switzerland because of its simplicity and because I believe my clients should have access to the best golf training devices available. In seconds I can communicate to students exactly what it is I'm trying to get them to do. They get an instant understanding through feel for the golf swing and PlaneSWING speaks any language. When set to a golfers ideal swing plane the weighted PowerSLIDER trains the golfing muscles, building a consistent motion. I recommend that my students invest in a PlaneSWING for home use so that they can work on specific drills designed by me around a sustained learning programme. This will not only improve their game, but will also help to improve and maintain their flexibility and strength". Cliff Potts

Cliff Potts Golf Academy is the Official Distributor for PlaneSWING® in Switzerland & Italy.

Contact Cliff Potts directly at Tel: +41 79 773 2361


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