About us

Our Daily Focus

PlaneSWING® is dedicated to removing barriers to the development of our great game and to rapid improvement amongst new and existing players.

Whether a novice or established golfer, male or female, able bodied or disadvantaged, we believe that everyone has a right to enjoy golf and the discipline and integrity that it promotes.

Golf is truly unique. No other outdoor sport has a broader player age profile with the opportunity and scope to transform the lives of society's disadvantaged, from the blind, troubled inner city kids all over the world to injured troops returning from military service.

The PlaneSWING® Foundation exists to ensure charitable organisations benefit from our allowances and increased publicity, so they in turn can assist anyone, including those who are less fortunate, to get involved in the game. For more information simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

"Golf benefits society. It provides a physical, mental and social rehabilitation solution. I know. I've been fortunate enough to witness it in action." Tony Clark, CEO PlaneSWING.

Global Mission Statement

'To grow the game of golf by supporting Teaching Professionals and golf development programs and making PlaneSWING® accessible to all.'

Our Product Philosophy

Simple and effective. In any sport, the best coaches keep it simple. Any products that we promote, any coaches that we endorse will meet this criterion.


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